Devblog September 2021

Its this time of the month again where i share some inside information on what is going on and what is happening and what not!

September really have been working out well! The first chapter titled: "The story begins" is soon to be released for the first time!
So today i am here to talk to you all about the assets I have been using in the game for the backgrounds in particular!
The background assets i am using comes from a website called these images are all free to use and have really fitted into the whole theme i have surrounding the story and feeling i want this game to deliver! 

All characters that appear is made by Sio and she have gotten full creative control in how to design the characters based on a few reference images and personality traits i have applied to the characters! 

I do wanna say that even tho chapter one might be abit on the short side compared to other visual novels i feel like i really have added in as much information about what the story is really about as i want to for the beginning! 

I will also be taking my time with chapter two as i plan on introducing another few characters aswell as reveal more names on characters that you did see but didnt have a name! 

I currently have simular to the RPG Faded Memories a plan to release 15 chapters (minimum), but as the development process will be going on this might become alot more, but for now im gonna take 1-2 months (unless i get sick and stuff) to release each chapter. 

I hope you will enjoy getting to know the world of Faded Memories aswell as connect with some of the characters as i really am having a blast coming up with their features, quirks and habits! 

The game contains choices so if you do pick one choice, you can also go back and explore the other option. For now the choices you make wont really have a significant effect on the story but future choices maybe they will! 

So when the release comes I do hope you will enjoy the story! 


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