An update


Its been a few months and now i am here to give you guys an update on what has been going on and what will be happening the upcoming months or so. 

So what happend?

Well after the devblog in March i was in a really troublesome place in my life since it didnt really felt like my heart was in the project at all. 

I went through a big change in my life and i started to see more of the world around me. Work itself contained quite a few challenging things aswell and thatc ombined with what was going on in my life i decided i needed to put priority on myself and my wellbeing for the starters. So that was what i did. 

I started dating for the first time in my life, like normally i havent been intressted in dating in general cause it was not worth my time it felt like, i never felt it was gonna work out or that it was gonna be something that i should be focusing on. But it all changed back in late April, when i started dating like proper dating people (you know going out on dates and whatnot). 

Work also entered a very stressfull time and i was just not feeling anything and just wanted vacation wich was gonna be from the first week in July until mid august. 

But now then? Its July where am i and am in a good place?

Yes i am in a good place, i met someone who i dated online for about a month before  we becmae a couple and im living a really happy and good life right now. 

So thats everything what has been going on, and now onward to the other part i wanted to talk about.

So whats the plan with Faded Memories?

The plan as it stands is that i am gonna reword the chapters completely once again, based on the feedback i got from the beta test of chapter one i know that people felt there was no real focus in the story and you just got thrown into the game like there was no introduction or anything of the characters, or the premise of the story just was thrown in the face without reasoning. So i am planing on reworking the game from the script and up. I am planing on rewriting all the 21 current chapters of the story, and then send the script to my spellchecker and have all spelling mistakes fixed and then i will start working on adding the images and characters back into the program. 

This will be the final rework and then based on your feedback after the new release on Chapter 0 - Prologue, wich i dont have a tentative date for when it will be released since the new project workflow will  be as follows:

- Script writing

- Sent in for spellchecking

- Feedback from script readers

- implementation in renpy

- Release to game feedback team

- Public release

I feel this might be a much better workflow from me as i will be able to just focus on one thing at a time and actually get a good visual novel up and running, 

Thank you for the ongoing support and im sorry i just dissapeard and i hope now i will be able to give you more updates as how the project is gonna go. 

I will be posting devblogs regular again starting August as i will be spending most of July rewriting the script and so on, So i hope you all will have an amazing summer and if you need to reach me the easiest way is to join the discord and actually ping me!


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