Devblog December 2021 RELEASE OF VERSION 1.0

Hello everyone!
Today im here actually talking about the release of Faded Memories v.1.0 that just got released here on itch! 

Im also here to give some information about chapter 2 and 3 aswell!
Its been a long process from the start with getting the characters created and finding the correct backgrounds that will fit the general estetics of the game and ofcourse my vision on how i see the game!
The game itself right now contains:
*a couple of 100 lines of dialog.
*some choices, that depending on what you choose you might need to play through the story to see what you missed.
*Intresting characters that all have various personalities and connection/relations to eachother.
*Alot of questions unanswered for now, but they will all in the end be answered (maybe?).
*Quite a few more characters that will be introduced and an even deeper lore and world exploration. 

I promise YOU have only seen the tip of the iceberg of what type of secrets this unnamed world is keeping! 

So what is coming in chapter 2? 

Chapter 2 will be named: The Journey
*3 new characters
*new locations
*some answers
*more questions
*lore behind the forest and more! 

Chapter 2 that has tentative release date of late February or March! 

Whats coming in chapter 3? 

Chapter 3 will be named: The Ancient Tree
*Introduction to 2 or 3 new characters.
*2 new areas.
*Background story to some of the characters.
*Answers to some of the mysteries of the forest. 

Chapter 3 tentative release is June or July! 

For now I hope you will enjoy chapter 1 and look forward to  hearing your feedback on it!


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Dec 29, 2021

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