August Devblog 2022

Hello everyone! 

Since last devblog alot has happend behind the scenes, and i have been busy with finding a workflow that would let me work in a better way then the way i was working on this project so now i have finally found that way and it feels so much better. 

With this way of working I have finally been able to just write all the chapters down and make sure that the flow of the conversation / direction is more visiable and that is what i have been wanting from the start. It has been a bumpy road ever since i released version 1.0 back in December 2021 the thoughts have been, is this project what i wanted it to be or not? The answer after the release and the feedback i got was "No this is not the game i want it to be." So yea i have been having to wrap my head around how can i make it into the game i want it to be? Then suddenly it just hit me. I need a new workflow and then i found it.

So what has happend since i gave the update?

I started writing the new chapter 0- prologue wich gives an look into the past as how Loi and his brother ended up where they are now. The feedback i got on the old chapter 1 was that it didnt explained anything about the setting or surrounding of the situation, so i decided to change that up with the new chapter 0 and hope that it will be a better explanation to the whole story. YES somethings will not be explained in chapter 0 but that will be explained as the story will progress. 

Chapter 0 is also a lookback at how i wanted the start to be from the getgo but wasnt able to formulate it properly until now. I dont have release dates planed for the different chapters as it currently stands. I am gonna work on having atleast 3 chapters prepared for release at a time. But even tho i finish 3 chapters i wont release 3 chapters at once, you guys will get the chapter by chapter release each month so i know exactly how fast i need to work. Almost all characters for the VN have been made (there is about 8 characters left).

I am gonna see if the graphics artist also wanna work on backgrounds, we will see i will get back to you guys about that. 

But i will give you some chapter names and a small summery of what it will revolve around =)

Chapter 0 - Prologue

The lookback on what happend to the family of Loi and Friss, why are they alone and what really did happend that fateful day where the family was torn apart?

Chapter 1 - A peaceful life?..

Seems that the peaceful everyday life of Loi and Friss is coming to an abrupt ending? But what is Friss writing and why is he starting to evade Loi more and more? What are the mysterious whispers that Loi keeps hearing?

Chapter 2 - The dissapearance

In the morning after, where are Friss? Why are the house empty and why didnt he even say goodbye? Will Loi be able to find where his brother is by following the mysterious letters that he keeps finding lieing around the house? The whispers are even louder and calls Loi once again, but do he dare follow the letters and the voices?

I hope you will look forward to the release of chapter 0 - Prologue and the proper start of this VN!

Thanks once again with being patient as im new to this whole development thing and I will catch you guys in September!


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