Devblog October 2021

Hello its once again that time of the month where I provide some update to how the progress is going! 

October has been slow due to my workload increased together with a depressive episode wich just made me feel completely empty to the point where i got professional help.
Next month is also another weird month for me since im having a big life change happening, but with that life change i will be able to be abit more flexible in this project wich will help in the end!
I was actually hoping to release v. 1.0 this month atleast to the feedback team but thats not happening!

My goal is to have v. 1.0 released by early December for the feedback team and before christmas public release!
One thing to note there wont be any sound in the game as I havent been able to find any songs that fits just yet, if im lucky i will find music to add into v. 1.0 else it will come later!

As abit of a bonus i will release 2 more character previews during November! 

Thanks for the patience and next devblog will come around the 25th of November! 


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