Devblog September 2022

Devblog #20

Hello everyone! 

Its that time of the month again where i tell you how the development is going!

This month i dont really have much to tell you since i have been quite busy irl with work, and being sick so the mayority of the month have been going to focus on getting my health back wich it still isnt.

No its not covid its just that my body right now is very weak for some reason but im quickly recovering now!

I hope to actually have the 1st playable version of the updated Faded Memories VN out in 2 months!

I still havent gotten my script spellchecked but thats coming in a few days i think so thats good!

I am then gonna implement it all and add the backgrounds and all the characters into the game to have it released for you!

Well thats all i had to share with you this month, have a great October and I will see you all then!


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