February Devblog

Hello everyone! 

So today I bring abit of news reguarding chapter 2 and onwards.

Due to me catching the corona 2 weeks ago, then 1 week later my family ended up in abit of a crisis i have not been working on chapter 2 at all past last devblog.

So now what does this mean?

 Well I am prioritizing recovering and health for starters so I will pause the development for chapter 2 for abit, I will work on it but not as fast as I wanna be able to sorry!

I will be focusing on changing my script for chapter one instead, and correct spelling mistakes and sentence structures, aswell as do some changes overall to chapter one for the upcoming months!

I have got a friend who will help me with sentence and spelling starting now so expect improvements!

I am also looking at ways to improve the backgrounds and gotten some nice suggestions so that will be coming aswell.

After I got the feedback for chapter 1 I noticed alot needed to be changed and inclueded so I will be reworking chapter 1 to inclued my planned chapter 2 (character and lore).

So for the upcoming months I will be focusing on redesign the story and implement that into renpy and hopefully this will lead to a much faster release schedule!

Thanks for the support and feedback and I hope you will enjoy the updated chapter 1 when it releases! 


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