Devblog November 2021

As we are entering the final month of 2021! 

This year have been a real rollercoaster of emotions and changes and so much things have happend that i cant even imagine how much this year have differ from last year.. 

This year have come with so many changes both good and bad and good emotions and sad emotions but im so excited that this project is finally coming into reality! Next month i am releasing Faded Memories v.1.0 around the 20th to the feedback team and official release will be availible around the 27th of December!
I am excited to share this project with everyone since it really is a passion project for me. To create the world, the characters, traits, conflicts, problems, fears and all the emotions are so exciting and i hope you will enjoy the story aswell as the characters! 

Since im working in Renpy it makes it easier for me to work on this project since i can keep working on the chapters while updating the official release one at the same time. This means i should be able to push out updates for everyone when it comes to updates and everything! 

Well i know i havent released anymore character bios and thats on me this whole month have been abit challenging since my living situation have changed and im still settling in and well i have once again caught something its potential a flu and stomach virus or something so yea im currently am unable to work on this but i will do my best to push everything out until the 20th! 

Thanks for having patience with me and yea we are now entering the final month of 2021, hope your year have been good! 


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