Devblog January 2022

Hello everyone and its a new year and chapter one has now been out for roughly 1 month, its crazy that is already have been a month since I released it!

I am currently working on chapter 2, the story is done but im looking for the new locations images, where this chapter will take place and so far I have had some issues finding the correct backgrounds but I keep looking!

Background sounds will all be added in towards the completion of this game thats the plan but we will see!
For now im working on making sure this will be released ontime and excited to hear what you think about all the characters!

I have also read the feedback reguarding chapter 1 and i know its happhazzard and spelling and more is incorrect but i will be working on correcting that in later revisions!

The development have also since this week slowed down abit cause i have been out of energy every single day even on the weekends i been low on energy and almost gone on maintenance mode. Now during February that is coming up i will be doing some additional checks for the spelling and start planning more and potentially even change my plan for chapter 2 to give a more indept look into the backstory of loi and why he and his brother are there in the forest, aswell as why there are so many mysterious voices coming around!

I hope that you will keep reporting spelling errors and issues with the game where you feel it is abit wonky and i will do my best to have it fixed as soon as i possibly can!

Until next time, take care and stay safe! 


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